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Cement Factory GUT REVIVAL Gut Health Formula - Chocolate


Our Gut Health Formula is a proprietary blend of scientifically researched ingredients designed to support a healthy gut microbiome. This formula is formulated to help you restore, replenish, and revive healthy gut bacteria for optimal gut health.

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Gut revival Glutamine plays several roles in the GI tract. For instance, it protects the mucosal barrier of the intestines and can prevent toxins from reaching the bloodstream.


In 2019, a small study Trusted Source ( on 106 people with diarrhea-predominant IBS that had developed after an infection. After delivering 5 grams (g) per day of either L-glutamine or a placebo, the researchers assessed the participants’ symptoms according to a scale known as the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Severity Scoring System. Results showed that 79.6% of people who used L-glutamine saw an improvement of at least 50 points on the scale, compared with 5.8% of those taking the placebo. There were improvements in: • stool frequency • stool consistency • intestinal permeability

PreforPro® goes beyond just nourishing the bacterial strains you want, as it also defends against those you don’t want. It also goes the extra distance and stands out from other prebiotics in several ways: Works throughout the intestines: Most prebiotics only work in the colon, but PreforPro® works in both the large and small intestines. Prebiotics that only work within your colon are limited in the support they can give you. Being active in all sections of the gut gives PreforPro® a distinct advantage. Works effectively at smaller doses: PreforPro® works more effectively in smaller dosages than larger doses of other prebiotics. Reduces occasional gas and bloating: The ingredients in PreforPro® are naturally-sourced and do not contain the dense fiber content of other prebiotics. By supporting digestion and not creating additional gas, PreforPro® can help reduce common issues associated with taking prebiotics, such as occasional gas. Works in different environments: PreforPro® works in several environments and works effectively. By working all the way through your gut, you can enjoy the benefits of optimal digestion and nutrient absorption Also solnul : Here's why resistant starch is crucial for supporting a healthy gut microbiome: It’s a starch that arrives in the large intestines intact like insoluble fiber, but is fermentable like soluble fiber demonstrating the benefits of both types of fiber. It increases healthy endogenous bacteria, like Bifidobacterium, which in turn help to modulate the immune system and support healthy digestion. It selectively feeds Bifidobacterium, its primary degrader, indirectly enhancing other bacteria like Akkermansia, which helps to support gut barrier function and weight management. It works beyond the gut, supporting the gut/skin axis and gut/brain axis via changes in key metabolites.

Sunfiber PROVIDES SOLID REGULARITY* Most fibers help alleviate constipation, but do little to address diarrhea and can lead to loose stools. Sunfiber® alleviates occasional constipation and diarrhea by helping food move through the gut at the right pace; improving stool consistency and regularity of bowel movements.* Sunfiber® accomplishes this without causing excess gas or bloating that can be felt after consumption of some fibers.* PREBIOTIC FIBERS PROMOTE INTESTINAL HEALTH* Sunfiber® is a proven prebiotic fiber that increases both Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus levels.* These good bacteria promote a healthy gut microbiota.* Fermentation of Sunfiber® by the gut microbiome results in production of short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate, which provide energy for the digestive tract. REDUCES THE GLYCEMIC INDEX* Sunfiber® is a secret weapon for anybody aiming to help control their blood glucose levels.* Regardless of whether Sunfiber® is embedded in the food or ingested with water during a meal, it assists the body to reduce post meal blood sugar spikes by decreasing the glycemic index of foods.* HELPS REDUCE HUNGER* Consuming Sunfiber® helps people feel less hungry and fuller after eating.* A research study also showed volunteers decreased their calorie intake at their next meal.* Appetite control is one part of a successful weight management program. SUPERIOR NUTRIENT ABSORPTION* Some dietary fibers can limit the absorption of macronutrients or essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium into the body. Sunfiber® does not inhibit the absorption of macronutrients and helps support the absorption of such minerals.* REMARKABLE PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Sunfiber® is among the most adaptable of all dietary fibers. It is highly soluble in water, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and gluten free. It also features a very low viscosity, remains stable at low pH levels and is extremely resistant to high temperatures. It’s appearance is a fine white powder, and in solution is transparent. These factors make Sunfiber a superb choice for a wide range of applications, including fruit juices, powdered drinks, carbonated and noncarbonated beverages including coffee, milk and tea; as well as yogurts, creams, cereals and bakery products. 

DGL promotes and supports: • blood flow to the digestive lining* • healthy levels of protective mucus* • healthy cell growth and turnover in the GI tract* Acacia One of Acacia’s superpowers is its prebiotic properties.* Prebiotics are certain types of fiber that resist digestion and ferment in the gut, providing essential food for good bacteria. Marshmallow powder Acid reflux also typically responds well to marshmallow. In all the digestive woes mentioned, the polysaccharides in the marshmallow do the bulk of the work—coating, protecting, and soothing damaged areas of the GI tract. While protecting damaged areas, marshmallow also works to speed healing Its mucilage may also help to block the gaps in a leaky gut. 

Slippery elm bark is a demulcent. This means that it is capable of soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines and reducing irritation. Demulcents are sometimes referred to as mucoprotective agents Slippery elm may be helpful for treating occasional heartburn, also known as acid reflux. It’s also considered an herbal remedy for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 

ACV Antimicrobial activity of apple cider vinegar against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans; downregulating cytokine and microbial protein expression Quercetin could help individuals with leaky gut in two ways: first, by helping to maintain a normal inflammatory response, which will help to decrease the gut leakage and, second, by helping the cells of the intestinal wall to plug leaks more rapidly Because of aloe Vera's anti-inflammatory and laxative components aloe vera has a benefit of its ability to help with digestion. Juice from the plant helps digestion, normalizes acid/alkaline and pH balance (, lessens yeast formation, encourages digestive bacteria and regularizes bowel processing. Ginger can cut down on fermentation, constipation and other causes of bloating and intestinal gas. Ginger can promote stomach emptying which can relieve the discomforts of nausea. Ginger contains over 400 natural compounds, and some of these are anti-inflammatory.

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Cement Factory GUT REVIVAL Gut Health Formula - Chocolate


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